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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Corks and Forks @ Summer Shade in Grant Park

Congratulations to this year's event organizers! It was great to see I will not get wet since it seems to rain every year for this event. The tents were nicely decorated and spacious. I enjoyed seeing old faces like Chef Rathburn (Rathburn's) and Chef Carvel Grant Gould (Canoe) but I was disappointed with their food choices (popcorn ice cream???) come on it's for a good cause (Grant Park Conservancy)! Of course their choices were delicious but a little more substance next year guys. The new guys on the block were impressive! Dogwood's Chef Shane Touhy and Going Coastal were among my favorites. Il Mulino's raviolis were amazing (yes! I had seconds). Runner ups were Peasant Bistro's Michael Patria and Milton's Chef Boyd A. Rose (best kept secret OTP). The wine selections were good and the sommeliers were very friendly (not to mention very patient with all of the wineignoramous types). Overall it was a delightful experience and I can not feel better about helping preserve Atlanta's Park. However don't expect to see any local favorites from Grant Park or authentic international cuisine. This one is for the big leaguers only!

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