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Monday, August 29, 2011

Corks & Forks 2011 @ Grant Park

I went to the Corks & Forks – A fine food and wine event on Sunday (8/28/11).   Not very crowded.  The wine selection was not the greatest.  Only one of the three tables for wine had a line.  So I did not get to try that one.  I did hear that the Wine Nazi was there.  Food selections included Six Feet Under, Abattoir, Rathbuns, Sun Dial, Spice Market, The Melting Pot, Cake Hag, Canoe, Season's 52, Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint, and Bhojanic.


Food wise, my favorite was Sun Dial, with a Gouda crusted grits and pork belly.  I think Rathbuns thai noodles and Six Feet Under's shrimp and cheese grits were amazing also.


Dessert wise.  Cake Hag was good but the Melting Pot's strawberry, pound cake, and brownie covered in chocolate stole the show.  Sorry Canoe, but I still don't know what you served me other than it was ice cream on a baby cone.


Great event, I just wish I would have drank more wine!


Review by HTLJOSE